Shall we?

May I, touch your skin
all clean and white
I want to gently fondle it
as it burns mine!
That white-white flame
hiding in your eyes
I want to sail on it
as does the sun,
on a summer night!
I want to breath the air
that sleeps in your lungs
that sweet hot breeze
in your heart, warmed!
I want to taste it
the tip of your tongue
as you exhale your whole being
pour it all,
in these lips of mine!

I want to feel your shivers
vibrating on my arms
as you start to sweat
I want to lick it all!
Starting from your cheeks
your neck and down
I’ll stop at your chest
get lost there,
in the beat of your heart.
Then, sell my own existence
for a place in you,
I’ll exhaust all my strength
a gift from I, to you!
And as the dawn comes
and night evaporates
I wonder…
may I, stay here forever
enslaved, by your embrace.


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