that’s what she is;
Holding the power to turn me into stone
a being not from this world
-an angel, or maybe a demon
wearing angels clothes,
who knows…

yet, so hard to describe
is the skin she wears
and those eyes,
those bright pearls
that shine with hell’s light
taken from it’s depths,
a kryptonite, to sap my might!

Succubus, she is
taken from my dreams
and brought to this life
by my own mind,
with her glowing skin, straight hair
and her sweet smell;
So far, so far from me
so far from these useless spells of poetry!


23 thoughts on “Succubus

  1. Totally awesome Para-perter Poetry. Would you be interested in contributing it to appear in my cyber publication The Muse Journal as a Featured Para-Perter Poem for the next issue if have permission in time or you do want to and permission does not come in time which pretty much have to be in the next few days, then I will put it in the next one. You can check the pub our via joining my villages and see what this months issue was like. I am finishing up the first cyber pub of The Moonwater Press as we speak and should be up in the next week or so and the next Muse Journal comes soon after. I still have room for a piece or two to say the least. If fact this would be a great help to me actually for it may be a really shy issue this time. Not, sure have enough as did last month. A major feature article and MRS rated review helped fill it. Don’t think going to have a review this month unless get finished with yours but have a few of them to do. Sort of wanted to do it all in one major feature piece on you as a poet including a MRS Rating for as a Poet and for each poem that I have chosen. Not sure if I am going to get to that in time though. Which means need to fill the page and not sure how that is going to go. So showing your Succubus poem would help alot especially since its a succubus poem for that falls under the moonwater para-perter fiction category which we are trying and yes when I say we its a force of habit I am getting into since hoping there will be more than just me one day and speaking on behave of my uprising piloting pub & more house. We are trying to become the experts in. Its part of our dedication. Honoring all mortal muses but specializing in poetry and Para-Perter fiction. Succubus falls under both. So anywho….I hope you would like to share it via Muse Journal but if not I understand I will still be adding it to the review feature as soon as can get to it. In fact, may even consider it for entry in The Muse Galleria if your interested. Its a sort of hall of fame for mortal muses of all flavors. So may be a Hall of Muses. Can enter my my nomination or approval of an artist request but to stay the visitors vote and that is taken into consideration for permanent housing in the Muse but if enter your agreeing to permanent placement. Periodically I review what hasn’t won yet to either boot out, extension or winner and then is a muse of the muse galleria and am giving a Muse galleria badge.Right now I am working on two Muse Galleria Teaser showcases of Authors for the Muse Galleria entrance. They are Teaser showcases for they are books so its a big teaser taken from parts of the book. If I decide to offer you entrance it be a showcase of the whole poem. All of your poems can be submitted for entre actually. I am working on many things that can help all us muses. I am always coming up with more and the poems I have seen of you are muse material, especially this last one. It is super awesome really. So gotta run and get back to work. Hope to hear from you soon and keep up the great work. Bless Be Leoparda Moonwater

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