Prizren, Kosova (the city I live in)

621017_10151049074278685_2125458001_oPhoto credits: Berat Hoxha

As the sun sets its flight,

slowly, drifting through the sky
you can can see a small ray of light
falling from the clouds,
penetrating the leaves
 stinging your eyes
as you stay amazed
walking along the riverside…
of this ancient city
full of culture and pride–A city,
where you would gladly take your final breath.

A city, where your soul,
would happily bath in the presence of not-being
and join the others who have been–
the others, who are not!


11 thoughts on “Prizren, Kosova (the city I live in)

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  2. I remember this city – from the memory of logs of wood being bought off-season. from the beauty of rain to the falling of snow. from the fantasy tales of lovely maidens to alluring levels of consciousness. city of eternal questioning over a cup of coffee. of delicate sensitivity spilled in the joy of reading. of death and being brought back to life. in all different seasons. of historic wars and ancient love. of Enlightenment and Oneness. what a beautiful city, what a beautiful soul. inshAllah will visit someday 🙂

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