March of Anarchy!

It starts as a black dot that you see in the corner of your eyes. 
A small black dot that you can’t take off no matter how hard your scrub your eyes.
It starts as a sense of wrong, as a feeling that troubles your body and mind when you are sitting alone in that small bench in your city park, when you are hanging out with your friends at your favorite bar on a saturday night, or, when you are having sex with the love of your life.
It starts as a small black dot, and it grows, and grows, and grows, until it reaches one point where you can’t ignore it anymore.
And really, how can you ignore something that has already covered your eyes, your smile, your face, your education and all of your life!
Something, that started just as a small dot in the corner of your eyes!
Well, the truth is, you can’t! You can’t just ignore it.
So you start fighting it. At first, using only your words, and later on when words don’t work, you fight it, using your hands and your body.

And that’s exactly what happened in Kosovo a week ago, on February 7, 2014.
Students, tired by the corruption that had taken deep roots into the core of their educational system, sought the resignation of the Rector of Prishtina’s University.
But, as we all know, it’s hard to drive off the vermin out of his hole without using simple and effective methods such as, fire and smoke!
So the protests started, and police had the need to intervene and protect the rector, even though everyone wanted for him to resign.
Amidst all the chaos that happened between the students and the police, a friend of mine, Meddy Huduti, had the chance to record this beautiful piece, and for my opinion, he made it immortal,”The time when the police had to succumb to the unbreakable will of a country’s future(students).”

When strong willed people march forward for their future, police can’t do anything, but march backwards!
I call this kind of march, “March of Anarchy!


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