La-La Land; Honoring Lewis Carroll (27 January 1832)

here you are.
you finally came,
how do you feel?
now, that you are here.

you are lucky, you know,
only a few can come here.

the door stands open for everyone
you have to be totally mad
or insane,
or madly insane
which is the same
to take the chance
to leap, to risk everything
to walk this road
which leads nowhere
it starts everything.

but, you are here now.

so come on
don’t be afraid
release your tension,
take a seat
you are safe now
why don’t you take a sip?

It will help you
to clear your thoughts,
see the world how it really is
how it should be
or… maybe none of these!

just drink the tea
enjoy it, breathe…
then take another sip.

no need to rush.
you are not there anymore
now, you are here, free.


9 thoughts on “La-La Land; Honoring Lewis Carroll (27 January 1832)

  1. I applaud you for the thought of marking his anniversary! He was such a strange man – so imaginative, so … unusual in the way that imagination ran. And remembered forever, even if only by we who love that.

  2. Wow! Trying to think of something intelligent to say right now but your poem, I think for me, will have to be mulled over. I like this. It’s a good thing. I like that I’m going to get to dig in and discover what this is saying to me personally, like good poetry always should and yet so often does anymore (for me at least). Thank you is I guess all I can say right now. I’ll definitely be back to read more.

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