I will miss your scent
In these roads that i daily tread
And the way how i felt…
How i used to feel…
Before you were gone,
When you were here.


4 thoughts on “Missing

  1. I lost my partner, best friend and lover of 22 years to cancer in September. I miss the smell of him and all the other little, once insignificant things that together were the context for my life, now lost.
    Inhale deeply while you have the chance. Beautiful post; it obviously strikes a chord within me.

    • I feel bad for your loss, i really do 😦
      And i can’t say things like, “i know what are you going through”, cause i don’t . So i just hope that you will find enough strength to push forward, and live your life as good as you can. And hopefully, in the next world, you will be able to meet him 🙂

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