Welcome, welcome everyone!

Here we go live once again, and all i can say to you is welcome, welcome to 2013. The age of prosperity, freedom of speech, peace and democracy.
In this age, people can express themselves freely, here they can be whatever they want to be without anyone judging them….*Bull*…anyone to tell them how they should be. You can see in their faces the joy and happiness they feel by living their daily lives, and even if you can’t notice it in their eyes, you can take a look at writings on their walls, which clearly shows…*Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, everything they say and everything they serve to you equals to bullshit, everything you see on the internet, TV or out in the streets, everything, everything is fake! Fake faces, fake bodies, fake nails, FAKE, FAKE, FAKE…!
And put down so beautifully that can very easily trick anyone, even a trained brain! You go out and see people as they burden their souls by bearing fake smiles on their faces, chocking on their ties, and even go that far as to kill themselves, because their “Happiness” is just too great, so great that they can’t hold it inside, and that’s why they forfeit their lives. So what i’m trying to say is*….. and after that they planted some seeds. And that was all for today my friends, now have fun and live as you’ve been living until today, happy…

Bye bye, and don’t forget to tune in again!


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