Taking a stroll

This, journey of men, how strange it is, how confusing, and yet, how plain!
Just a never-ending cycle of walking on top of faces, walking through faces, or walking under faces! Nothing complicated on that. But we tend, we strain ourselves so much, and finally, we complicate things.
We are not doing anything special, we are just walking – sometimes unnoticed, sometimes unaware,  sometimes like a hurricane, but never, never the same.
We go out for a stroll on a saturday night, and suddenly, we find the meaning in someone’s eyes, we find everything we ever hoped to find – beauty, love, hope, joy, happiness… simply, we find life!
But not always.
Sometimes we find the meaning after we lose someone, after we have lost a face(or a sound) which was dear to us, and suddenly, we find ourselves being enlightened, we find everything we ever hoped to find – pain, sadness, grief, tears, sorrow…simply, we find life!
It’s interesting, and at the same time, kind of insane! We are the same person, nothing has changed on us, yet, we can find peace in two opposite things, and still think(and believe) that this, is normal!
And who can, besides a human being, break with such an ease the idea of what is, and what is not normal, while still, protecting the idea that normality is something that should be based on some kind of rules?
Gotta love that schizophrenic behaviour on us, gotta love it!


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