Leave me alone,
With the leaves, and with the bees
With the air that flies freely
And those rays that sting deep
Leave me there with my friends
Some of them, whom i don’t know
Leave me there in that open field
And maybe one day, i’ll find my soul.


14 thoughts on “Journey

  1. Wow. This so perfectly put into words how i so often feel since my fiance died. And made me think instantly of my frequent visits to the cemetery where he is buried. It is my sanctuary, out in the countryside, i lay a blanket and pillow out and lie in the sun for hours sometimes. Its the one place more than any i can just be in the quiet space of my soul, and his too. Thankyou for this one.

    • Your loss brings pain to my words sarah, i just hope that soon enough you will find someone else who will help you build a house, in a field, much better than the one you are on for the moment 😦

      • it’s not always pain – there is an incredible beauty in the dark places too. I appreciate everything more deeply now, and have many more beautiful people in my life than ever before. He has brought me a lot of blessings from the other side! Thank you for your words, one day, when it is right, i will surely find that someone else ❀

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