The Wall

Touch me.
Touch me with your lips.
Touch me, and burn me
Turn me into crisps
Touch me from the dawn
Until the dusk comes
In my dreams, my awakenings
In my delusional thoughts
In my reality
Chained, by the human laws
Touch me through the winter
Until the the summer comes!

Touch me.
Through every layer
That is blocking my mind
Then get in there,
Shatter each wall!
The one that loved once
Is cursed,
To never love again
But don’t you dare stop
And turn your head away
Touch me till i faint
And maybe…
I’ll start loving again!


15 thoughts on “The Wall

  1. Really great. Loved it. I wonder if the exclamation point is necessary. I think the emphasis is absolutely clear without it, and that the exclamation points almost detract from the natural feeling of the rhythm. But again, I loved the poem, and would love to hear more.

  2. youre up to it again! damn i love the end. i read the entire poem aloud because it just looked like it wanted to be spoken aloud. as soon as i reached the end i was just amazed and smiling! Thank you!

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