Wet Symphony

Clink-clink, clank- clank…clink—clank…
A billion tiny drops of rain
ram on the window next to me,
sacrificing themselves, dying
just to be part
of this beautiful symphony;
Played for everyone differently
and this one,
is played only for me.

Delighted from the sound
that is created
by this beautiful show,
I rush to take a place
and sit in the front row.
My heart finds its peace
and my brain finds my heart
my face is pleased,
it creates a silly smile.

Lost, in that sound
and drunked by my thoughts
I look like a fool
who just lost his hope.

But, I don’t care
looking like a fool,
and I don’t really mind,
cause this is the place
that I choose to be,
standing in the front row
listening to this symphony.


19 thoughts on “Wet Symphony

  1. this is heartfelt kush. well written, as always! rain brings me joy and hides my tears too, in a way that symphony it takes me back to myself..perhaps one of the reasons why I love it as well ^_^

  2. Thank you I like rain a bit more now, next time it happens I will imagine it ‘ramming’. My only input would be shorten the stanzas! I know you are building a scene but…I wish this was more imagistic

    • I will definitely try to do better next time :), cause to tell you the truth i have no idea how poetry works, i just like to write, and if i feel that it looks good like that, i let it be like that!
      Thank you for your kind words, and especially for that critique 🙂

  3. When I had shelter, the rain sounded a beautiful hush. When I was drenched at the bottom of a mud slide, I preferred the sound of a car or chariot. I’m looking for the right drop to make a request to or a copy of its schedule. I think yours who have joined the symphony might be the right ones to ask if they are willing to restrict their percussion to the window sill.

    • Well, if you get drenched in a mud slide, its not rains fault. The fault falls on water 😦
      And yes, i would send you a copy of its schedule, even though you would not be able to hear the same tune as I do, but you will definitely hear a tune, hopefully, one that is better than mine!

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