If i were to die today
would you cry for me
or laugh in my stead!
Would you buy a rose
or, cut it somewhere
then throw it at my grave
as a way to show your grace!

Would you stay at my funeral
without making a sound
alone, or in a crowd?
And then, after all is done
and i’m under ground
you can walk away slowly
holding your head down!

Feeling sad
or pretending to be
would you turn your head, maybe ?
Then after you go home
tired and alone
you can drop your act
there’s no one around!

But, if you were to die
instead of me
I’d laugh, as much as i can feel!
At your funeral
and when i am alone
you died at your prime
and that makes you lucky, somehow!

So don’t judge, or blame me
if i laugh,
when they mention your name!
That just means that
i am lucky,
and happy
 to be there
when they still, remember your name!


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