Have you seen the sun
how it hides at noon
and the moon
how it brings glory to the doomed;
Have you seen the earth
running on a curved line
trying to reach itself,
wasting time;
Have you seen the seas
dancing in the rain
reaching for the clouds
falling back again!

There is beauty,
in all these tiny things
in the wind, in the lightning 
even in a dream!
In doing a simple action
of taking a single pill
just staying still,
or chasing a feel…

You just need eyes
and the will to hear
and you’ll find beauty
everywhere, and in everything!
You’ll find beauty 
in life, death 
and in what is in between,
even in fear…
so do not be afraid to sleep!


24 thoughts on “Enlightenment

  1. wandering with the eye of certainty,
    tasting sacredness and evolving into nothingness;
    I keep falling in love with everything I see 🙂

    I do believe too that there is beauty in everything, one needs the eyes to see it. amazing flow of words..thats true enlightenment indeed!

    • ah, himani, we are blessed to live awake
      we are blessed to see straight
      we are blessed to see beyond
      oh, how blessed we are, to live as One!

      by the way, loved your words, and also love you for being You 🙂

      • then answer me..what chaos did you break free from? what madness drives you? what speaks to you from the Unseen? what fuels your fire?

        and *sigh* that was beautiful..you just made my day! 🙂 x

      • my chaos was the routine, i ran from it!
        my madness is the unseen, i crave for it!
        what speaks to me is everything, and i try to grasp it!
        what fuels my fire? A red bed, covered by a smooth skin!

        And finally… I am glad that i was able to do that ^^

      • nothing more can be said. in that merging lie all the answers. perhaps we don’t even need the answers then..like breathing in that which permeates all that surrounds

  2. Hi! I’m so glad you visited and decided to follow my blog on: http://randalane.wordpress.com “Randa Lane…” is primarily devoted to haiku, tanka, and other short verse forms. I’ve just begun to explore your writing and find it very impressive, especially “Enlightenment!” I’ll be visiting often and look forward to following you soon.

    Best Success,


  3. Love the poetry… By you finding my I have a new teacher of read, Hastywords kind of got me sweet on poetry be following thisoldtoad.com now I try… By reading other poets of the style which attracts you… You see the magic they place in the words…..

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  5. Simply Beautiful. great poem Kush. Life is Weird, People have Fears. Thats a line from my poem Life about Life. Its in The Muse Journal and my Poetry Collection. I wrote when I was in my late teens and is the first poem ever wrote. Think you would love it.Its a funny poem about life and even though its simple and funny it speaks millions about human nature and life.

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