Here it comes again
that time of year
that time,
when the air i breath, turns weird
that time, 
when the words i usually use
lose their strength, their feel
they start to vanish
leaving me, leaving me here!

That time,
when i feel weak, incomplete
like i’m missing a limb
or another part of me, something
something i lack
a guide, that i should have
or maybe a string, that i could grab
or maybe all of me, all of myself
nine years, nine years of emptiness…

Memento of my dad.


29 thoughts on “Missing

  1. Very heartfelt and poignant..
    p.s this time it’s ‘lose’ not ‘loose’! LOL!! I can see u keep getting them the wrong way around 😉

  2. This is beautiful. And applies to anyone who’s ever had a deep loss… it describes – for me – so exactly how i feel since my fiance died (as well as the loses of my parents). Thank you for liking my blog today so i could find you! Keep writing.

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