For my niece

66024_10151265434544110_1779337556_nHow can she laugh like that??
It’s beautifully sad;
is it that her pure soul can’t perceive life
or, it can’t perceive death.
Well, who knows
maybe she just chooses to ignore them
everything that is born from hate
all the sad emotions
colors, darker than black!

If i could have her freedom
even if just for a sec
i would live on clouds
stretch my legs,
and there i’d dance.
Not think about business
forget about threats
jump till i get bored
and than jump again
until my clock stops
to never tick again…

But, unfortunately my niece
i can’t.
Cause i’m stuck in this routine
that is repeating itself
Waking up every morning
only to sleep again
now i’m left with nothing to teach you
except useless things
how to live on earth
but that would break your wings
so i wont do that!


11 thoughts on “For my niece

  1. wow…beautiful imagery man. you captured it completely…nostalgia for innocence lost, and the joy experienced through the prism of a young soul that still possesses it. great poem man.

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