C’est la vie

c'est la vieYour words may cry
and it’s not your fault
your dreams may change
depending on your thoughts
you will bleed alot
without getting cut
life will move on
you will hold on,
you will remain strong!

They will step on you
you wont shout,
they will cut your tongue
you wont laugh,
they will break your legs
you will crawl,
and with your legs broke
staring at the sky
you’ll realise, you’re still alive…


5 thoughts on “C’est la vie

  1. OK, I don’t know how you found “me” but am so grateful you did so I could fine “you” and read everything you’re writing…I might miss a deadline today if I indulge in that intention. I will offer your URL as my excuse.

    • thank you Liana, thank you a lot 😀
      it’s really nice to find people who are able to find beauty in your words, even if there isn’t any…
      and I found that writing while I was browsing around wordpress, and really liked it ❤
      will read your works as soon as I find some free time 😀

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