Illusionary freedom

We are, after all, slaves! In a way or in another. The “free” man, and the one who is suposed to be chained, the one who breaks the rules and the one who follows them, the one who’s sober all the time, and the one who can’t count the days, deep down we’re all slaves! The one who spends all night gazing at the stars and the one who is amazed by the movement of the sea waves, they all look, they all resamble slaves! Human beings who  eagerly wait something from their master, a feeling, a thought,an answer or just some pieces of bread, it doesn’t matter, we just want to be fed! Pleading to a master, which can be a drug, alcohol, an emotion or just a material thing that can satisfy our hunger, our need, our desire to live!
But, we have been given the will to choose our own master, and I, for myself,  i’d rather be slave of Creator than slave of creation!


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