Scarred Beauty

400591_10150492410154110_917476566_nYour weak side has taken control
you’re not like you used to be
not the one i used to know!
Now you look more like a fog
shapeshifting, drifting, deceiving
changing thoughts,
going up and down
without no one to hold
but still smirking
even though you’ve lost…
not everything, just some spare parts
that kind who can’t be bought with diamonds
but can be easily fooled with lies!

And my simple nature can’t comprehend,
was it worth it?
To loose all that you had
just to gain, what you couldn’t get!
Well, if i have to guess
i’d say you lost the bet
for a two year pleasure
your turned your life into a living hell
filled with insane monsters
that poked you to death
over, and over again….
while you screamed and plead
but could be heard, only by the deaf!

Deaf, that kind you left behind
while you were chasing stars
those stars that shine brightly
but who easily fall,
always seeking attention
even from themselves
standing in front of mirror for hours
amused, by their tiny little selves.

And now, you stand on your feet
with a tiny smile on your face
your heart has been torn to pieces
but that, you can neglect
you try to shed a tear
or, at least feel sad
that’s just not working
cause you’ve lost it all
and your heart, just won’t connect…


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