Love ??

SONY DSCWhat is love? A feeling? An expression? A need ? Well i think is none of these, i would say that love is a state, yes, a state! A state so high that we humans can never hope to reach, at least not while we’re still alive!
All the time you hear people talking about love as though they’re able to love, but can they really do that, can they really love? I’m talking about pure unconditional love, not that kind of love you see on TV, not about that Romeo and Juliet crap, these are just claims, just emotions which are more related to egoism than love! Needs, mixed with fear of being alone, and that fear is what pushes humans to go beyond their limits and put their life on the line for the things they crave for, for the things they “think” they love! That’s why we often see cases of people dying for their country, family, belief, always using the word “Love” as a pretext! All these are bullshits, they don’t get themselves killed because they care what happens to their so called “loved ones”, they do that because they wouldn’t be able to live without their support, their care, and most of all without their presence, yes, their presence is what makes them whole, and that’s why they would better choose death than take the risk to live without the presence of those that they’re trying to protect! So they die, not for love, they die because they are afraid, because they’re too scared to live, because their egoism is just too great….!
But love is a different thing, well love is Peace, the pure meaning of peace, the ability to remain calm, to stay motionless even if you see a snake biting your arm, to not utter a single word in protest even if someone cuts your legs, to not cry nor feel pain, to just lay…this is true love, but it’s not something that we can embrace as long as our bodies are alive, no we can’t do that, only in death a human being can become a creation of love, only in death he can give without expecting to gain something in return, only than, only than he wont hate, kill, cheat nor steal, but he will just remain there in his grave, selflessly providing food for insects, never expecting something back!
And that’s what true love is, when you purify it from egoism and greed.


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