fairy01I heard you’re lost!
Well, that’s kinda sad
but if i were in your place
i’d grab my tools
and build a house there.
A sanctuary,
a home only for me
a place to ease my pain
and protect me!
A shelter, to cover me
from the sky and from the rain
and from the drifting clouds
who try to disturb,
my ability to go wild!
And after that
i’ll just wait, patiently,
for no one and for nothing,
cause i’ve heard that
there is no place so lost
that it can’t be found
even the stars
who hide behind the sun
will show up
when the time comes!
So i’ll wait, for today
in this long lost place
maybe just like i did
someone else
will find this place,
build a tent here
or a castle,
to protect me
and give me strength!
To be my shield
my wings and my arms
cause for a place
to be called lost
it has to be found!


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