Just, another question!

564279_10151169190994110_668002913_nHumans. Creatures who own all the questions, and none of the answers, not even a single one. Always going around asking and asking, questioning everything, questioning everyone, but never bothering themselves to wait, to wait just a minute, or maybe just a second, to hear, to listen, to learn something, from someone, someone else who also questions everything else!
No, they wont wait for answers, they are too hasty, and all they can do is turn around and ask some more, ask someone else, someone who questions their question and thus creating a never ending flow, a circle, without a beginning nor end, just an empty shell, to hoard their fear of understanding, their fear of comprehending!
Humans. Going around and asking useless things like: What is that? Who are you? What are they? What’s with this bloodshed? Why they are fighting? Where is God, and why he’s not stopping them?
But always afraid to direct these questions to themselves, afraid that their own answer will bring fault to their own selves, afraid that they’re own answer will push them to act, and they just don’t like to do that!
They just like to go around and ask some more, question some more, never wondering that maybe God is also questioning them the same: Why they are not doing something? Why wont they stop them? Why they are just standing there, when i gave them the ability to judge between themselves? Why wont they…why wont they just lay, enjoy life and love everyone in the same way?

Why wont they…?


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