artlimited_img151312Why don’t we cut off our heads? That would be wise, that would definitely be nice! Lets cut them all and put them on a spaceship, a spaceship made of our dreams, greed, thoughts and other human things.
Let’s do that, lets separate them from our body and soul and send them all flying to the never ending sky. Lets see how far a creation made of thoughts can reach, if it’s being fueled by greed! Lets see what destination shall it take, if lust is gonna be the one to navigate, yeah, lets see if they’re ever going to stop, but odds are that this is going to be a very funny ride to watch! Going round and round the universe, always searching for something, something that exist somewhere else, something different, something big, something new, and to find it, only to abandon it for a lesser, new idea of good!
Definitely a funny thing to watch, i would laugh out loud, if my head would still be attached! But, i would be forced to remain here then, with my feet on the ground, sharing the fate of a billion same, without the option to feel happy, sad or other fictional feelings created from our own fictional head!
And the best thing is that people are going to be left without the option that allowed them to step on other people heads, which is great, which is really great…


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