Chaos Theory

3835_chaos-theory_20100726075848A tinny fish
in a tinny little pond
surrounded by grass, mud
and flowers, of all kind!
Inside a forest, full of tall trees
on a mountain, surrounded by seas!
In a blue planet,
that revolves around a small star
feeling alone, in a big room
filled with giant dwarfs!

That little fish
weak, as he is
swims on that little pond
calmly, and in peace!
Moving through liquid
as it were him, himself
he breathes that mild water
ignorant of his surroundings,
ignorant of his powerful self!

Just, one wrong move of his
can create tiny waves
using winds walk
tsunamis he’ll create!
The continents will sink
earths orbit will change
stars will be shut
one, after another
the whole universe will be destroyed
just by a small move
of that tiny fish,
in that tiny little lake!


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