mother-day-wallpapersStanding there,
in front of her
i started to feel ashamed,
holding a box of chocolates
in my right hand
and a flower, in my left!
Trying to reach her soul
behind the wrinkled eaves
that protect her grace,
i found myself lost
in childhood memories,
in her warm hands!

In those days,
that now
seem so far away
in her touch,
the only thing
that could send my pain away!
In her smile
and those kind words,
in her soul and in her life
in that shield, that protects us
and in that axe,
that cuts paths!

I felt ashamed, from myself
when i remembered the past
thinking that
i need a special day
to respect her,
and treat her how i must!
That figure,
which can’t be traded
that word,
which can’t be stepped on
that name, which we often forget
that love, that we all love!


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