doubt_by_tomscholesIt is not you
the one who conquers the sky
but it is me,
the me in you
the you in me
the undisputed eloquence
of words, thoughts,
the emptiness of fear!

It is not pain
the thing that hurts
no matter how big it seems,
but it is the missing of soul
the shattering of dreams,
the unbearable reality
which is followed…
by melancholy of tears!

It is not us
the ones who loose,
but it is us
the ones who never win
living this mundane dream
waking up every morning
only to be killed,
to be buried by the routine!

It is not death
the thing we fear
no matter how black
and dark it seems
but it is the uncertainty
the unanswered thought,
maybe we are dying
and yet, we have never lived!


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