How easily seduced we are-
like fireflies,
we choose to kiss that light;
Unable to resist, think or act
we travel forward
charmed, by that cold-blue light.
How easy it is, to get lost
amidst a billion stars,
not sure which one to choose
we choose them all!
Cause they all shine bright-
than the ones we leave behind.

How sad it is, our life,
always jumping
from light to light,
never able to stop
and feel the warmth
that is stored inside;
We just touch it, it’s cold
we fall back, we don’t realize.
How easily tricked we are.
Surrounded by so many things
that worth have none,
distracted by lights
that falsely shine,
just like fireflies,
oh, how fast we die.



10 thoughts on “Fireflies

  1. Thank You for a great poem with thought-full and true reflections.

    but the prison is partly an imagery:

    “There is another world inside this one–
    no words can describe it.
    There is living, but no fear of death;
    There is Spring, but never a turn to Autumn.
    There are legends and stories
    coming from the walls and ceilings.
    Even the rocks and trees recite poetry”.

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