1300x875_2762_Winter_2d_landscape_snow_winter_tree_ice_lake_children_picture_image_digital_artThat white white sheet
the one, that can keep me warm
it disappeared from my sight
just after it touched the ground.
It brought down a smile
colder, than the melting ice
my emotionless face was smiling
happy, happy
seeing everything, beautified!
Ohhh, i was in love
but it didn’t last long
i was able to taste, with all my being
the crudeness, coldness
the touch of that beauty,
of that beauty that i adored!
Ohhh, the way how she touched
how she froze my face, my hands
how she pumped my blood
that adrenaline, that rush on my chest
that frostbite….
perfect, perfect, everything,
but now she’s gone
and i’m left here, happy
while inside, i’m feeling grief!


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