Infinite Dream

251100_10151182242444110_1916086254_nHow’s life…
down there
under the clouds
living as you are, as a plankter,
i believe it’s pretty fucked up!
Always staring at the sky
wishing to go up
but you just wont do anything
so you continue your swim,
on the sad currents of life!

You can come up here
if you really want to,
and trust me,
it’s not that hard
just close your eyes
pretend you’re free
cut the chains that bind your mind,
and here you are…
above the clouds
on the place where even death lives
and yet, nothing is alive!

So come on now
why do you hesitate
if it is that you are afraid
don’t be,
i’ll teach you how to ride on whales
just please stop living on dirt
you’re not suited for that,
come on now,
close your eyes, free your mind…

…and here you are,
you finally came
so tell me now,
aren’t you amazed?


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