536466_10151260864622755_489900236_nIt came from the sky
penetrating the wind
and immediately
she took my beliefs, my creeds;
It buried my shame
in plastic dreams
changing the way i see
changing the way i think!

It lift the veil
that was blinding me
that black, soft cloth
that bittersweet feel;
Taking me up
bringing me down
like a ricochet,
between sky and ground!

It rose my temperature,
burning my brain, my eyes
and if i tried to touch her
she even burnt my arms;
All this unheard torture
this suffocating lust
just by a look, a glimpse
on those beautiful lines!

Those lines 
that made me die
while keeping me alive
those small doses of oxygen
that sweet paradise;
That dance, those moves
that unreached sight
oh, how sweet, pure elegance!


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