The Shaman Queen

76333_10151229750806725_34432438_nFire, the raging flame
the undisputed destroyer
the reincarnation of hate.
It ravages with force
every life form it treads,
but here, on her hands
just a tiny creature
a raging beast,
who has just been tamed!

Water, the calming flow
the gushing burst
the tranquility rain.
It meanders on her veins
like a snake,
poisoning her body
increasing her life force
purifying her spirit,
giving her strength!

Earth, the cradle of life
the beginning, the end
the shaping element.
It clads her heart
on sand, dirt, stones
making it look rough
for the ones who trample her sight
while she is frail and fragile
confused, on the inside!

Wind, the shapeshifter
the deceiving fog
the pampering feel.
She took it all inside
on her lungs, on her cells
with it she dances, feels
with it she breaths,
and when times comes, with it
she runs freely, on petunia fields!

She mixes them all
gives them shape
it lets them roam free,
creating fiery dragons
mesmerizing fairies,
the raging moonkins!
That’s what she does
the supreme summoner
the beautiful, shaman queen!


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