Ice Fairy

Ice-Fairy-fairiesI see you
in the air, on the wind
and in a broken mirror
i imagine your lips.
Your touch,
as cold as ice
and those lights
shining from your eyes
making me wonder,
how do you sleep at night?
Having to fly
never getting tired
touching the ground
no noise, no sound
just flying and flying
captivating my sight
my beauty, my fairy
where do you take your flight?
On the poles,
under aurora sky
or in the depths of the sea
singing with the whales, dancing
taking part,
on their beautiful symphony!
in the mountains
covered in white white snow
walking slowly
taking you time,
as your beauty gets reflected
on tiny, diamond stones!

And maybe, just maybe
you hide somewhere else
where my mind can’t reach
and my body can’t comprehend
so all that i am doing
is wasting my time
tainting your beauty
with my thoughts,
with my dirty mind!
But, all of these questions
drumming on my head,
will never stop, never cease
so i’ll i want to know is…
would you stop for a while
would you stay, please?


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