aaaaaWhat am i doing ??
I am going insane
i can’t seem to quench my desires
nor i’m able to feel pain,
going up and down
without a view of myself
oh God, please help me
it seems i’m drifting away!

My brain is leaving me
it’s trying to run away
till yesterday controlling others
now it can’t even control itself
but it just leaves me here, typing,
not even making sense,
oh God please help me,
stop this self inflicted pain!

It’s just that,
all my actions are in vain
just as this writing
lame, ohh so lame
while trying to connect two states of mind
i’m loosing time, loosing my pace
giving in to desperation
hope as my judge, indifferent…

Then, as always, left alone i am
with a thought engraved in my head
one, i can’t bear to forget
the one that pushes me forward
that’s the one that keeps me sane
sometimes it’s the reason i live
but sometimes it’s enough, to leave me on my knees
with my head cut off, there, bleeding years!


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