always there
inside of me
touching, licking
yearning to be free
surrounding, engulfing
but never consuming
threatening, pleading,
begging me
to let them go
to release them,
so they can set me free!

It was always like this
since i was a child
they were always inside
like a snake in a jar!
Whispering to me
increasing my heartbeat
pumping my blood…
ohh, that adrenaline!
Pushing me forward
on the battlefield,
crashing meteors down
burning everything!

Always ready
always prepared
waiting for a chance to go
to feast,
to scorch the earth!
So i let them go
they charge,
devouring the air
never thanking me
never turning back
they go,
just like always
leaving me alone,
surrounded by death
and piles of ash!



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