Dance, can you?

552820_309113072495808_2130079288_nNot everything is made of colors
i think,
and not all the lines have a hidden meaning.
Not all the truths are made of words
i think,
but after that, i give up on thinking
for a brief moment
only to return again
on the foam of thoughts
just when i found myself…

Covered, by the sands of time
for the truth to be revealed
there i lie
waiting for a chance

to jump at the unknown
to get lost in trance!

But, for the moment
i’ll wait a little longer
i’ll amaze myself
watching colors as they change shape
from black, to white
an amazing, yet disturbing sight
this beautiful symphony of death and life
played for all,
but not everyone is able to dance
to this fast phased tact!


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