Like a ” Philantrophist “

394243_10151155612069110_199148109_nHere i am, walking on the street, it’s 8pm now and i’m feeling kinda strange, strange in the good meaning of the word, awesomely strange!
My walk got intercepted by some kids who are going up and down the neighbourhood, playing their games, which look silly to me but still nice to watch, with their smiles and laughs, without worries about this profound world, immortal creatures, beings who got their eternal life as a gift from their own ignorance, without any idea about death, nor sorrow, so tough….and yet so powerless, so fragile, so weak, making me think that there’s gotta be more to this life than walking, talking, wasting time and doing stupid things! There should be something that i can do to help them, to strengthen them, to make their dreams come true, and to convince them that they can be anyone, not just someone, to… but forget about that, first things first, lets sell them something they don’t need for a price they can’t afford to pay, lets put them on debts, humongous debts, debts so large that they’ll need to sell their soul just to pay half of them, and only than, only after that, lets give them back their hopes, dreams and other “useless” stuff like that!


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