I have fallen so low,
and can’t seem to get up,
these chains of darkness bounding me
they’re ripping my chest apart.
I can’t move my arms
no matter how hard i try
these chains bounding me
they’re to thick, to tight!

Yet, my gaze still remains
facing towards light,
even though, being surrounded by idiots
it’s hard to not go nuts.
Just the way how they move
without a reason or tact,
it’s enough to drive me insane
enough to make me lose my mind!

But i am still trying,
to keep my faith intact
living in this wicked world
filled with wasted life,
of those who use their eyes
only to look, but never to see
that’s why they’ll never realize,
that their souls have long gone,
now they are just empty shells
zombies, they have become!


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