Maktub(based on Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”)

How long has it been since i left my home
a year may be, or maybe even more
that part of my life seems small and distant now,
compared to the vastness of the desert
and the clear sky, which proudly stands hanging above.
Now i’ve gotten so far, so close to my treasure
that i almost can see it shine,
but i don’t have the power to push forward
to move on, to penetrate the sand!
It’s like i’m dying of thirst,
just after my eyes have seen palm trees
standing tall in the horizon,
which stretches right in front of me!
And i don’t know which road to take
cause, the thoughts that are inside my head
are blocking the voice of what’s inside my chest,
especially now, that i’m so close to fulfill my dream,
the one that started it all,
a treasure in the Egypt, close to pyramids!

What should i do now that i got stuck?
Here i have everything that i ever wished for,
wealth, fame, status and my beautiful love.
But none of these were part of my dream
these are just trophies that Universe gave me
while i was sailing the currents of life,
striving, to fulfill a single foolish dream.
So here i am now, standing on the golden sand
watching the greatness of the desert,
this capricious lady, who’s bad habit is
to turn mad, all the sane men!
And as i am feeling lost
in this melancholic state that i am,
i hear a soft voice, whispering in my head,
“Maktub, Maktub”, it says,
“Yes”, i answer, all of this…
it was Written like that!


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