Warrior, they say!

I deal in death,
that’s who i am
that’s how i’ve always been
things like fear, pain, terror
are feelings that common men feel,
and am not one of them
or at least
i refuse to be,
i take comfort in inflicting pain
and if i can’t,
i let them inflict pain upon me
cause that’s what it wants
the warrior inside me
who was raised in blood
and blood is the only thing he sees!

This are the thoughts i get
while i am swinging my axe,
on the battlefield,
stepping on my comrades heads.
Even though it hurts
and brings me pain
i wont stop, no
i wont take a single step back
cause if i take my time to cry today
i’ll be the one laying on the bed of death!


7 thoughts on “Warrior, they say!

    • wuuuu 2012… at that time, I was transitioning from a hot headed idiot,(survival of the fittest) to a cool headed idiot( there is no enemy.) then– everyone was my enemy, now, there’s no one at all; all the good and all the bad that happens to me, are caused only by me; there’s no enemy, no victor, just different states of being.

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