Phoenix, a sad creature indeed!

Have you seen the beast
the last of his kind
penetrating the sky
just as love penetrates the heart,
vaporizing the air
flapping his golden wings,
creating a golden steam
as his feathers fall…
sailing with the wind!

A beautiful and
warming sight that is,
it brings life
even to a dead sky,
it calms your soul
clears your mind
giving you the urge to fly
creating rainbows,
dividing clouds!

Such is the emotion
that this noble creature
implants in your mind
when it lands on the ground,
holding his posture
rivaled by none,
kings, princes, knights
they all reassemble peasants
when it comes to elegance.

And as for you,
well, you do what you do
just don’t look at his eyes
cause just one glance in those
and you’ll feel sadness, so great,
that it will tear your chest
and rip your human heart.
That’s the curse it bears
this creature bound to life
poking his self till it dies
never realising
that dying, is what makes him alive!


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