Cold night

Out into the wild, on a wide field on the shore of a tiny lake, on a night as cold as death, under a lucid sky filled with numerous stars, you could see people dancing with the rythm of life, as they were transcending the borders which separate the living from the dead, without a single care for tomorrow, not even for today, you would just stay there, staring at those happy faces, amazed, thinking on how can they just not care, laying there, singing and talking, loving everyone almost the same, happy, happy, almost insane…but if you could, if you only could open your eyes just a bit more, enough to see their troubled soul, you would be able to clearly see that they’re getting high only to forget their weakness over this world, to snap, to drift away, to forget and than forget some more, they would fry their brain, overflowing it, with mushrooms, hallucinogens and God knows what more, until their bodies couldn’t follow their minds, and just dropped there, trying to shelter their abandoned souls!

But who cares, at least they managed to keep their posture of “i don’t care” for another week, or maybe just another day, at least, they managed to remain sane, in this world, where insanity, is a very common name!

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